Hey everyone! My name is Christine, I live in the United States and I’m a mother of four beautiful and talented children.  It is my job to be your human guide into the world of enlightenment. As part of my job, I break things down to make them easier to understand, as well as help others heal. If you are here, it’s because you want to know and understand things that seem taboo or impossible in your life. Such things as seeing spirits, hearing guides and angels, and simple things such as meditation and balancing your chakras.

I started teaching a few years ago to a person here and a person there and have expanded to a large group of people and have now started reaching out to all of you. Our goal is to educate ourselves as much as possible so that we can help educate others about our journey through spiritual awakening and our journey to become closer to the Divine.

During my own journey, I’ve developed from a simple medium, to an empath, a psychic, and a healer. I am still learning and working on my own journey and different paths. Our soul continues to grow always and never stops learning and trying new things.

I am a spiritual coach, medium, and paranormal investigator. I have done research in Demonology, Angelogy, Numerology and many other things that I write about and share with all of you. Add my Facebook page Gaia’s Awakened Children to receive updates in your newsfeeds.

I hope you enjoy my site! Blessed be!