Connecting to Your Higher Self

*A writing lovingly dedicated to my Higher Self. She is me, and I am her, and together we carry the world inside us


Here recently I have run into quite a few blocks in the road when it comes to balancing my spiritual life and my 3D life. I have a full job working second shift, typically about six days a week, four kids ranging in age from eleven to 2. I’m a single parent and I also have a cake business I run on the side for some extra cash. My biggest hobby is writing. Once upon a time, I use to do distance healing and protection energy work. I’m also a medium and a psychic. That time came to an abrupt halt almost a year ago after meeting my false twin flame.


I took up writing after being discouraged and trying to find an outlet so that I could rethink everything that I had ever experienced in my life. At times I wondered if everything I had gone through was just an illusion, but there were too many people who quickly confirmed how much I had helped them. I was still discouraged though. I felt lost no matter how much I tried to find my way back. After the false twin flame, I was angry with the Divine, the world, and myself. I completely shut everyone and everything out. Even my two soul sisters who not only did I help teach, but the same ones that were there as we grew stronger together through our bond.


I felt like I was floating on an endless sea with no direction to go. I could no longer hear, feel, or see anything. All the things that were part of my whole life had quickly vanished in a blink of an eye. All because I allowed ego to get in the way of everything I had worked so hard for. I was distraught, frantically searching for a life preserve, doing anything I could to try to get back on track. Patience isn’t my strong suit and for me, this was the worst.


Though I’m not completely back where I want to be, I had to be reminded of where I came from. Not everyone remembers their past lives, but I strongly suggest that you find a way. I think the most influential one that I have is the one of where I came from. It’s a reminder that I am Divine’s child and through Him/Her, I am a replica of the Divine. During a meditation, my guide came to me, I’ve nicknamed him Gandalf because he reminded me of the character from Lord of the Rings. Gandalf took me back to the halls of my origin. The same halls and place that I remembered being in with my souls sisters. While passing the rooms of tables and toys, I lead the way to the sleeping area. I went straight to my bed where a small teddy bear sat. I picked him up and held him closely to my chest feeling saddened. I sat on my bed. Gandalf sitting across from me. Though I don’t remember what we discussed, I do remember something important that he had said.


“You have to remember where you came from. You came from the stars. God said, ‘I command a soul be born’ and you were made.” I remember looking at him. Though I know our souls come from the stars, I never considered how we came into existence. He continued talking, “Children are born of the stars. Not too young that they cannot question, but not to old that they cannot be molded into what their purpose is.” I imagined my own children. Young enough to question the universe, they are still open minded and know that anything was possible.

I remembered from these halls, we were raised by mothers and had a father who looked after us, gifting us with our unique abilities when we were older before leaving our home.


I remembered that I am the daughter of light and love. I had lost my way through ego. My fears though I felt were grounded, actually blocked my way from connecting with my Higher Self and the universe. I had to start all over. No, not like, all over and relearn all my skills and abilities. But remember how to connect to my guides and Higher Self. I know they didn’t go anywhere. I’ve seen signs from them everywhere which has encouraged me to keep pushing and moving forward. Because it had been so long, I felt rusty and a little lost. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning. I hadn’t connected with my Higher Self. Who knows when the last time I even talked to my Higher Self. It really pushed me to write this for all of you.


The Higher Self is very important in connecting spiritually with the Divine and every element that goes along with Spirituality. I’m not sure if there is even enough emphasis on it. We focus so much on connecting with guides, angels and the Divine, it’s easy to overlook our Higher Self. It’s easy to feel that we are a separate entity altogether, but in all reality, you and your Higher Self are the same. It is your soul, your spirit. It is you. It is connected to you. It is never disconnected, but through ego, it is easy to be blocked from your Higher Self.


Your Higher Self decided for you what, when, and how everything in your life would happen. We tend to think that outside forces have control of our situations, but really, we have full control. Our Higher Self is our captain. Directing us where to go and how to do it. What we choose to do is entirely up to us. We have free will and it is up to us to listen and do what was already preplanned before we were born. No one has control over our lives but ourselves. I learned this the hard way. I believed that external influence had taken control, when really, I refused to look and listen to the importance of the lessons that I was being shown. I refused to look at the signs of what I was being taught. I acted like a human. I allowed ego to get in the way and became angry and afraid, instead of trusting in the direction I was being guided. Instead of moving ahead, I forced myself to be held back.


Our Higher Self holds all the keys. Within them, they hold all the wisdom of our past lives, and our experiences. So how can we connect with our Higher Selves? I’ll tell you a secret. It’s so easy, that it is difficult. You will be forced to wake up to your actions and thoughts, but nothing near as difficult as going through the Awakening Process. It’s up to you if you are ready for it. For only you hold yourself back from reaching them.


  • Remember that you come from Source. We are all children of the stars. We carry the universe inside of us.
  • Talk to yourself. I tend to talk to myself a lot, but never really consider to much about where I am getting my answers from. I had gotten so use to talking to guides, spirits, fairies and everything else, that sometimes I completely forgot about my Higher Self. At first, it might be hard for you to connect and hear from your Higher Self. Keep talking anyway. You will know based off the answers you get. You will immediately recognize your Higher Self by the wisdom of their words. I’m really bad about fighting sleep because my mind is constantly going. I will often hear “Go to bed, you will feel better in the morning”. Such motherly words, but also logical.
  • Meditate and quiet your mind. This takes practice, has positive health benefits, and will help you connect to source and your Higher Self.
  • Heal yourself. Part of healing is forgiveness. Let go of things that do not help you, such as fear and anger. These things only hold you back. You may need to ask for assistance in healing if you are not sure what it is you need to heal. I’ve worked for months on healing and disconnects of cords, beliefs, patterns and illusions. I still found myself blocked. My beliefs caused my chakras to be very unbalanced. Even just trying to balance my chakras wasn’t enough to put them where they needed to be. I had to work at releasing and healing. My heart chakra is still off balance, but I’m working every day on it. I use daily affirmations, asking assistance from my Higher Self and the Divine to help heal me in areas that I am blind to. Everyday I get closer to where I need to be.
  • Quiet and bind your inner children and inner people. Inner children are all the years of your life. So if you are 22, there will be 22 of you. Imagine them all together. If they are upset and crying, it is because they are afraid and do not understand what is going on. Simply wrap a blanket of light around them. Reassure them that everything will be okay. Love them and give them hugs and kisses. The happier your inner children, the less likely you will have blockages. Same with your inner people. Your inner people are the different parts of our personality. Do the same with them when they are upset.
  • Remove yourself from negative people. Their negativity can cause you to have a blockage that will keep you from hearing your Higher Self and your Guides. They will drag you to their lower vibrational level and beat you with a stick, making you feel tired and depressed.


I know I have a long way to go, but I know that I have continued to grow despite that I have held myself back. I have forgiven myself and am excited to see where my Higher Self takes me. We all make mistakes sometimes, but I hope through what I have told you, you will not be off track for very long. Blessed be my brothers and sisters!

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