Crown Chakra

Because who doesn’t deserve a crown? The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head and being the 7th major chakra, this one helps you connect to your higher self, universe and the Divine. This is the big kahuna. It encourages us to see the wider view of things, life and our place in it.  We need this chakra balanced in order to find our path and purpose in this life. This chakra helps us move beyond the material things and life and help us to find our spiritual self. When all the other chakras are out of balance due to ego and lack of self healing, this chakra is blocked and hearing your soul self is much harder. What are some symptoms of an imbalance?

  • Possibly suffering from depression that could also be related to other chakras being out of balance.
  • Rigid thought patterns on religion. Closed off to the truth of the Divine and instead bases all views from strict guidelines and beliefs
  • Feeling lost or no direction. Feelings constantly confused about where you are going in life
  • The feeling of being abandoned or alienated by God or others. This feeling is untrue. The Divine never deserts his/her children. You can turn your back but they are always with you
  • Believing that there is an angry, punishing God. This is not true and just a concept that limits people
  • This is a difficult one because when I started on my path, this was a struggle I faced. Waiting for the “okay” from divine guidance before we do anything.
  • Trying to fight, control, or change circumstances outside of our control
  • Believing that God/Goddess favors you, feeling entitled
  • Spiritual disconnection all together

If you are familiar with being religiously or cult restrictions, you know that fear is a big thing. The fear of doing wrong and not being accepted into the pearly gates of heaven. The thing that they don’t teach you, because they’d rather control you than let you grow, is that you have to make mistakes and learn from them in order to spiritually grow. It doesn’t mean that you should go out and find all the things to do wrong and get into trouble, it just means that you by being human, we will make human mistakes. It’s recognizing these human mistakes are simply lessons that will make your life better. If you do not allow yourself to experience what it is like being human, you will not learn things in this life as compassion, understanding, patience, forgiveness and unconditional love. You are restricting yourself from experiencing life to it’s fullest if you shut yourself out from the outside world. This can cause many chakra blockages and imbalances because we need to experience life in order for our chakras to open. So how can we fix these imbalances? As you already know if you’ve read all my other six articles, I firmly believe in affirmations. This completely changes how your mind views things in your life. It’s taking a negative thought and changing it into a positive one. Have you ever heard the term “fake it till you make it”? Affirmations are very similar. When you repeat something every day, you start to believe it. You ever catch yourself telling yourself that you are not loveable, are ugly or that you are stupid? You start to believe these things if you repeat them enough times. Flipping that around with affirmations has the same effect, but in a positive way. Here’s some great affirmations to say daily, even multiple times a day!

  • I understand
  • I understand the impermanent nature of reality
  • I accept and honour spirit within me and all living things
  • I embrace the unity of all beings and release all attachment
  • I invite sacred transformation
  • I am complete

I love to visualize, I’m a very visual person. Imagine a lotus flower blossom at the top of your head, still closed as it is preparing to open. Visualize it opening and becoming bigger and bigger, spreading it’s beautiful petals outward into the universe. Imagine that through each one of the petals, the universe is connecting to you and and sending its loving energy into you. As the universal energies come into you, see yourself being bathed in white light from your Crown Chakra and flowing around you and inside you connecting your chakras and cleansing you from lower vibrations.

If you are not much of a visual person, or just like the energy that you receive from crystals, use them to help balance this and all chakras. Good crystals to use are clear quartz crystal, snow crystal, amethyst, white calcite, selenite, obsidian, and sugilite.

When it comes to nutrition, with the other chakras, you would consume foods that are color coordinated with the specific chakra that you are trying to balance. But since your crown chakra is connected to your soul, the only nutrition that this chakra really needs is prayer, meditation, and lots of water. Feel free to use water that has been filtered from contaminates, minerals and fluoride. Remind yourself daily to live in the here and now. The future doesn’t matter because it hasn’t arrived yet, and the past is no longer important. What matters is what you are doing and experiencing this second. It keeps you connected with spirit and keeps you rooted in the moment.

If you are big into nature, there are excellent ways to balance this chakra. Allow yourself to free yourself and express yourself in ways that speak to your soul. Meditation and prayer, chanting and singing. You can get a group together even to help with these things and go on spiritual retreats. They don’t have to be super crazy or anything, even just taking a walk in nature and focusing on your spiritual self can be a great help. Also trust God, Goddess, and/or the Divine and make peace with yourself and religion. Always practice gratitude by thinking of something that you are grateful for every day, whether it be that cup of coffee or because you were able to find a reason to smile despite having a rough day.

Once your Crown Chakra is balanced, you will feel a stronger connection with your soul self, your Higher Self. You will be able to recognize that you are a soul having a human experience that it is okay to make mistakes and have a past, as long as you learn from it to help your soul growth. You begin to understand that you have spiritual control and assistance with the Divine, over your life and what happens to it. You will also become at peace with the idea of death. It isn’t a state of being, but just a phase we go through to get to the next life. It will no longer be a scary concept as you will see it not as an end to your soul.

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