Throat Chakra

It’s pretty obvious by the name where the Throat Chakra is located. This fifth chakra connects us to our expression of self and communication. It’s actual location is at the back of the neck, governing the heart and Third Eye Chakra, as well as listening, teaching, learning and healing. It is the mouthpiece of the heart and mind, but also assist in being able to listen to others. It is connected to the mouth, jaw, palate, tongue and pharynx. It’s ruling gland is the thyroid which helps with your body temperature, metabolism and growth. It is also linked to your neck and shoulders. What are some signs of an imbalanced Throat Chakra?

  • Inability to keep secrets or be discreet
  • Lying or over exaggeration
  • Verbally suppressing your opinion in fear of hurting others
  • Inability to listen and continuously interrupting others when they are talking
  • Not saying anything in fear of being judged
  • Fearing silence, feeling the need to fill silence by talking
  • Constantly complaining
  • Being extremely secretive
  • Putting yourself down
  • Extreme sarcasm to the point where you are being rude and mean
  • Being a know it all, feeling the need to always be right
  • Not willing to express desires or needs
  • Being judgemental and preachy towards others
  • Being two faced
  • Shyness or speaking quietly

Possible reasons for an imbalance include:

  • Domineering family members or friends
  • Living under a political or religious dictatorship that causes fear to speak up or express yourself.
  • Past life traumas
  • Blaming yourself or taking responsibility of the reactions of others.
  • Living with abuse or even denying your feelings of anger. Feelings of anger can be related to ego, but it can also help you by being vocal and standing up for yourself against abuse

Saying out loud affirmations will help you balance your Throat Chakra, learning to express yourself and help you to find your voice. Some excellent affirmations to use daily, best done in the morning or at night are:

  • I speak
  • I speak my thoughts clearly with grace and integrity
  • I am aligned with my highest truth and communicate this with love and honor.
  • I acknowledge the power of my words to create my own reality
  • I express who I am

The Throat Chakra’s color is blue and if you are a visual person, imagine while meditating a blue wheel located over your throat. Imagine it getting brighter and brighter as it becomes balanced. You can also try crystal therapy by placing the crystal directly on your throat while lying on your back, or on the back of your neck when lying on your stomach. There are many crystals to choose from such as, turquoise, blue agate, lapis luzuli, sodalite, sapphire, blue topaz and aquamarine. Try wearing something blue and surrounding yourself with blue objects. Eat foods that will help balance your chakra such as currants, black berries, blue berries, dragon fruit, kelp (which will also help balance the Heart Chakra), kombu and barley. If you love aromatherapy, some wonderful scents to try as a roll on or by applying to your pulse point include rosemary, lime, sage, indian chompa, and cedarwood.


If you are anything like myself, who very much enjoys being in nature, there are ways by being outside that you can use to help balance your chakra. You could sing a song or dance, maybe yell or scream. Call a friend or write a letter. Maybe even take a public speaking class. Learn a new language or even just talking to yourself, maybe make up your own language! Even releasing past trauma that has prevented you from finding your unique self.

Having a balanced Throat Chakra will help you to be able to communicate ideas, thoughts, desires, and needs. You will also find that you are able to understand the importance and power behind words, whether if they are words that you vocalize, or thought. You will also find that you are able to listen better instead of interrupting and interjecting your opinion without hearing out someone else.

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