Solar Plexus

The third chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra, is located above the belly button. It’s ruling element is fire and it is connected to the ego, will, self-esteem, and independence. It connects you to the astral plane and you may even be familiar with it being more pronounced during the teenage years when young adults are figuring out who they are and where they fit in the world. When it is unbalanced, it can throw off your self confidence, cause depression and confusion. Other signs of an unbalanced Solar Plexus includes:

  • Feeling of fear and or aggression
  • Being passive towards others
  • The feeling of jealousy in relationships
  • Feeling lethargic or unmotivated
  • Tend to blame others for unhappiness and or lack of success
  • Feeling like you don’t have a choice or control in how others treat you
  • People pleasing and putting others first


Possible causes for an unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra can include:

  • Growing up with parents who were overbearing or controlling
  • Abusive relationships, whether socially or personally
  • Extreme religion, cults or organizations that took away your feeling of independence and authority of what you do in your life


We can get into a real sticky situation with ourselves when we have a low self esteem or feel that others are forcing themselves through abuse. When your Solar Plexus is unbalanced, take the time to learn how to say “no”. Not only are you standing your ground, but you are learning an important lesson when you feel overwelmed and need to put your needs first. Consider taking a self defense course, be vocal about your standards and the consequences if someone does not respectfully listen. Cut cords with people who are toxic for you, such as overbearing parents, abusers and anyone trying to control your life. Even when cord cutting it doesn’t mean that person will no longer be in your life, but you will no longer be connected and will not feel as vonerable.


A good idea of a way to balance your Solar Plexus Chakra is by using daily affirmations. This helps reshape your thinking giving you inner strength. Here are some affirmations to use:

  • I will
  • I do
  • I do enough
  • I am more than enough
  • I accept myself and stand confidently in my power
  • I respect differences and express my identity wihtout imposing my will upon others
  • I am in harmony with all the things I see


You can also try a visualization by imagining a ball of fire or a yellow wheel spinning clockwise over your Solar Plexus. Imagine it getting brighter and brighter. I always like to visualize a sunflower. You can also try crystal therapy by using topaz, citrine, yellow zircon, amber or tiger’s eye by placing it directly over your Solar Plexus. Try eating yellow foods such as corn, bananas, and pineapple, as well as squash, brown rice, ginger and tumeric. If you are into aromatherapy, try burning incense or a candle that smells like lemongrass, corriander, lime, frankincense, myrrh, juniper, or lemon. If you enjoy being one with nature, try spending time with friends around a bon fire. This also helps balance your Sacral Chakra. Take a walk in the sun and imagine pulling the suns energy into you, balancing your chakra.


Once you have your Solar Plexus Chakra balanced, you will start feeling a sense of harmony, and a feeling of being comfortable in who you are. You will find that your self esteem has raised and your confidence will grow.

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