Are You Ready For Lions Gate?

Are you ready for the full power of the Lions Gate Portal? The Sun is currently in Leo (July 23rd-August 22), which how this time gets it’s name the Lions Gate, but the most powerful and important, energetically, falls on August 8th when the Lions Gate Portal is at it’s fullest. The Lions Gate Portal is actually activated between July 26th and closing on August 12th. It is the one day that we can receive the full power of the energy offered from our Sun and the star Sirius. This occurs when our Sun aligns with Sirius, which is bigger and brighter than our own Sun.
Sirius is located 8.611 light years away, a light year consisting of 6 trillion miles. It is the nearest star most visible by the naked eye. Also known as the Dog Star, it is located in the constellation Canis Major.
It was important to the Egyptians marking the rising of the Nile River and considered the “dog days” of summer by the Greeks. In the southern hemisphere it was used as a mark of winter and used to navigate the Pacific Ocean.
It is believed that when these two suns align, it’s light energies intensify. This can enhance spiritual awakening and assist with spiritual advancement by sending a higher vibration energy for us to use.
If you remember from a previous post, I discussed that the energies were building up causing feelings of anger and fear related to ego. This is because these energies were building up to the Lions Gate Portal. Right now is the best time to remove unneeded energies and junk energy from our bodies. August 7th will be a partial lunar eclipse and this is going to push you more to feel the need to release, let go, and heal. On August 8th, be sure to be open and clear in allowing these energies to be received. Focus on the things that you want instead of the things that you don’t want and try to keep a positive outlook. A lot of change can come from this portal being open. Mercury Retrograde will start August 13th and last until September 3rd, starting in Leo and ending in Virgo. This will also build us up to the solar eclipse that will be occurring on August 21st. Use this time to your advantage.
And it is important on your journey to remember that you are a soul having a human experience. Though we can spend so much time focusing on raising our vibrations and healing ourselves, we must not forget what being human is all about. Humans experience a lot of love and compassion and they have amazing ways to have fun. Take the time to allow yourself to live by having a human experience. Or as some would say, stop and smell the roses.

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