Gargoyles: The loyal protectors

GARGOYLES are often times seen as stone creatures placed on tops of churches and cathedrals as well as other buildings. Most people only think of them as statues, they really are alive with their own personalities.
Gargoyles were placed on building to ward off evil, as well as represent the evil in the world. Even the Green Man’s face has been used for gargoyles. So what is a gargoyle? Gargoyles are water spouts that direct water away from a building, but in the spiritual realm, they are protectors.
They will ward off evil spirits, demons and the devil. But when asking for assistance, make sure that the gargoyle is the same size as its foe, or bigger.
They come in many body shapes and sizes. I’ve had gargoyles small enough to sit on my shoulder, as well as gargoyles big enough that you could hear your floor give with its weight.
They will show themselves to people, even more so children. They will literally sit, and watch children to make sure that no harm comes to them.
They are said to be cursed as statues during the day, and come alive at night. But gargoyles are alive at any point of the day. What you see on churches is just a representation of a gargoyle.
They will bond to those who truly believe in them. Gargoyles are not used as often as they use to be, so they tend to feel useless and wait on the next time they are called. When you call on them, be sure to include how many you want, otherwise you could end up with a house full of gargoyles until you reach the number that you actually need.
You can call on a gargoyle at any point in time. You do not even need a ritual, as they are already standing ready to be asked for. Do not abuse this though, because gargoyles do not like to be controlled.
Always give an offering. It will be up to the gargoyle as what he or she wishes to have. They will be a joy to have around as they can have a pretty funny sense of humor. After all, they have been around for a long time.

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