The Minotaur, Asterion

Believe it or not, but many creatures in mythology are real. After all, they all had to originate from somewhere. Though sometimes it can be very difficult assisting people to understand that fairies are real, they are in fact, of another realm. You can easily find them just about everywhere on Earth. But this story isn’t about fairies, it is about Asterion.

The MINOTAUR is a famous mythological creature in Greek Mythology. He was a descendant of the god Zeus. The story goes that Minos was one of three sons born from Cretan Queen Europa and Zeus, when he was disguised as a bull. King Asterion, Europa’s husband, raised the three boys as his own, and after Asterion’s death, it was unclear who would rule in his place. Minos, believing he was favored by the Gods, went to Poseidon to offer a sacrifice. To prove his point that the Gods would be willing to offer Minos anything he asked, Minos asked for a majestic bull from the sea. If he received a bull from the sea, he promised Poseidon that he would sacrifice the bull in Poseidon’s honor. Poseidon granted Minos the bull and as proof of his favorability, Minos was proclaimed king of Crete. Instead of upholding his promise to Poseidon, Minos sacrificed another bull and kept the majestic bull for himself. This anger the Gods and Poseidon, with the possible help of Aphrodite depending on the version of the story, causes a great passion in Minos’s wife Pasiphae towards the bull. Queen Pasiphae, distraught with her desires, seeks out help from Daedalus and Icarus. The two construct a wooden replica of the cow, and hide Pasiphae in it, and push her out into the bull’s meadow. From this union, the Minotaur is born. The queen names the infant Asterion, after the king’s stepfather. When Minos sees the infant, he becomes enraged and enslaves Daedalus and Icarus. Pasiphae raises Asterion to the best of her ability. As the beast grew, his hunger could not be met and demanded human flesh. Because the beast became uncontrollable, the king went to an Oracle to find a way to hide the disgraceful affair. With the Oracle’s suggestion, Minos commanded that Daedalus and Icarus build a large Labyrinth to house the monstrous beast. During the building of the Labyrinth, Minos discovered that his only human son, Androgeos, had been killed by the Athenians. Whether directly or indirectly, it is believed that the Athenian king, Aegeus, was jealous of Androgeos and his skills in the Panathenaic Games. It was decided by King Aegeus that Androgeos should be sent to kill the infamous Marathonian Bull, but Androgeos failed and was killed by the animal. King Minos, greatly angered, demanded that the Athenians pay tribute to Crete. They demanded that seven maidens and seven youths be sent to Crete every so many years. These sacrifices were then placed in the Labyrinth for the Minotaur. The Athenian king’s son, Theseus, offered himself as a sacrifice for the third tribute. He said to his father and to Athens that he will kill the Minotaur himself. As Theseus was on his way to the Labyrinth, he caught the eyes of the king of Crete’s two daughters. One of the daughters, Ariadne, distraught to see Theseus die at the hands of her step brother, went to Daedalus to ask how to help Theseus find his way back out of the Labyrinth. With a ball of yarn, Ariadne went to Theseus and instructed him how to tie the end to the door, and unwind the yarn as he went through the Labyrinth, that way he could use it to find his way back out. Theseus does this, finds the Minotaur, and kills him. The story goes on that Theseus takes the king’s daughters, Ariadne and Phaedra, with him back to Athens. While sailing to Athens Ariadne is dropped off on an island and Theseus and Phaedra sail away. Ariadne later marries a God, and Theseus later becomes king.

So why is the Minotaur so important? He is Morgan Le Fay’s messenger. In order to speak to the queen of the Unseelie Court, you have to go through Morgan Le Fay and to speak with Morgan Le Fay, you must call on the Minotaur. Be careful though and make sure that you have considered the importance of Morgan Le Fay’s help. She can be a very tricky person and can easily out trick you. Minotaur on the other hand, is kind of a softy. He’s just doing his job and means no harm towards the person who is asking for his assistance. He is seen with a large head of a bull, and the body of a man. He enjoys eating the flesh of humans and typically carries around a wineskin. He is a very patient man and polite. I consider him to be very misunderstood based off of the Greek story. Whether this is due to his time alone, or him being part human, he mostly just keeps to himself. When asking for his assistance, be sure to leave out wine for him. You can then give him your message and he will be sure to bring it back to Morgan Le Fay. What she decides to do with it from there, well, that’s entirely up to her.

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