Ego Self- how to release it

**I wrote this article about 8 months ago, and looking back, I’ve realized it was wrong. Not all of of it, but I wanted to make corrections to it as needed. See the thing was when I originally typed this up, I wasn’t thinking straight. I had gone through some serious emotional trauma and I wasn’t in the right mind. As a matter of fact, my ego was in the way. So for all of you, and myself, I’m editing my blog so that it better fits to help all of you who read it.**

We all have an ego. It is where our beliefs, patterns and concepts come from. This is something that is created past the infant stage. We tend to think of someone having an ego who is all about themselves, has a “need to be better than others” attitude. They can have a superiority complex. They feel that their deeds are better than others, that their opinions are better than others. The ego can also cause someone to be very timid, having a low self-esteem, and a complete lack of confidence. These are all things that were put in the mind as a young child or adult. If you grew up constantly hearing derogatory terms made about others, you are going to feel as if you are more superior to them. If you grew up in a abusive home, you are going to grow up with a lower self esteem. Your ego can also create narcissism, anxiety, and depression.

People who suffer from ego believe that they are more aware of their true selves. But their not. In order to find your true self, you must release ego. Your true self being your spirit self. Your connection with your Higher Self.


Even though the ego is really developed a little later in life, childhood experiences can really boost that ego. It feeds into our individual personalities as adults. Our parent, friend, family, lover, and so on. We react to what we grew up learning.

Your ego is housed in the same place as your psyche. In your mental house. If your attic is your psyche, and your basement is your subconscious, the rest of the house is your ego. If you focus during meditation on your house, you will find that you have people living there. These people represent the different aspects of your personality. They can be angry or sad or anything else. Their can be families or one person or couples. They all work together and live together. After all, your different personalities are you. I like to call these people, inner people. Its good on occasion to talk to these people, but try not to pay to much attention to them, after all, they are your ego, and you don’t need to be feeding it.

So what happens if you find out that your inner people are upset? This would mean that something has triggered your ego. Whether it be fear, feeling superior or any other emotions that you find yourself trapped in, it’s important to get to the root of the issue. Your beliefs.


What are some aspect of your ego self that you should recognize? I’ve compiled a short yet long list of different aspects of the ego self. These are things that are easily recognizable in other people, and know that they are also in you.

  • Me, me, me. Everything is about me.
  • Separating yourself from reality. You’d rather walk around in a day dream than deal with what is really going on. It’s your best coping mechanism.
  • Blaming others. We can catch ourselves doing this often. It’s just so much easier to blame someone else than it is to own up to our own faults.
  • Hostility can be unleashed towards anyone or anything.
  • Resentment towards people no matter the situation.
  • Pride, that evil word. It can go two ways, either you think you are better than others, or you have to much pride to ask someone for a life preserve when you find yourself drowning. Which category do fall into you?
  • Complaining always complaining.
  • Jealousy over others.
  • Anger
  • Need for power, always have to be in control.
  • Materialism, needing that new car, that new Dior, or those really cute shoes
  • Coldness towards others. Always being sure to never great someone else with a smile.
  • Past/future oriented.
  • Intolerance
  • Self-importance
  • Self-denial kind of like daydreaming, because when things go wrong, it seriously could happen to you or be your fault, right?
  • Social intolerance, racism, so many other ugly words
  • Living up to this and that even if the expectations are not real
  • Fear, because why would you want to risk anything?


Can you see some of these things in yourself? Are they things you want to change? The first step is recognizing and admitting. Are you ready to over come this ego self? Good! Here are some steps in learning how to release the ego self:

  • Stop being offended over everything. Seriously. Everyone has an opinion and whether it is right or wrong has no consequence on you
  • Let go of the need to win all the time. Winning isn’t everything. Just knowing you made it that far can be rewarding enough.
  • Let go of the need to be right all the time. You will feel so much better than continuing an argument and potentially saying something that you might just regret later
  • Let go of the need to be above others. Honestly, we are all the same. We are the same energy, and we are all made out of star dust. No one is better than anyone else.
  • Let go of the need to have more. When you pass from this life, you cannot take any of it with you. What you can take however, is the lessons your learned in this life.
  • Let go of identifying yourself by your own achievements or losses. It’s about how you live your life based off of your true self. Your achievements and losses do not mean anything  to people who are willing to love you for you.
  • Let go of your reputation, whether good or bad. It doesn’t define who you are, and if you believe it does, honey, it’s all an illusion.
  • Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start thinking about what could go right.

You have to remember that the souls goal is for positive development to become closer to the Divine. WHAT ENERGY YOU PUT OUT, YOU ATTRACT! I seriously couldn’t express that enough. Some people don’t agree with that, but really, that’s ego talking. The universe is about energy. If you think negative, you will attract negative. If you think positive, you will attract positive. If you are an asshole, lets face it, you will just attract more assholes. You are the company that you keep.

Everything in your ego is an illusion. It’s not real. It’s something that you carry around that has no value to you at all. Listening to ego holds you back from your true potential. Why would you want to hold yourself back?

Here’s some ways to work on releasing ego:

  • During meditation, imagine wrapping your inner people in a white blanket of light. Reassure them that everything is going to be okay.
  • Try not to resist changes in your life. Go with the flow.
  • Recognize what ego aspects you are holding onto. Focus on releasing those aspects. Remind yourself that they are an illusion.
  • Suffering from fear? It’s an illusion. An illusion of what is going to happen in the future. The future isn’t here yet and doesn’t mean that your fear is grounded in the present. Repeat the words “fear is an illusion”.
  • Live in the present. Not the past, not the future. The here and now. It is the only thing that is real. Your past can be distorted by memory, and the future doesn’t exist.
  • Balance your chakras. This will help disconnect yourself from ego and heal parts of yourself that you did not know you were still suffering trauma from.
  • Get a Reiki healing done. It will help just like balancing your chakras, by healing.
  • Ground yourself. Take a walk in the woods, take a salt bath, bake something delicious.
  • Meditation, even 10 minutes a day can improve your attitude and outlook on life
  • Every time you find yourself thinking a negative thought, turn it around to something positive. You can reprogram your brain to have positive thoughts, and your health will improve from it.
  • Realize that everyone is the same. Our paths may always be different, we may vibrate at different frequency, but we are all made of energy and star dust.



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