Self Healing

SELF HEALING is a healing that can be done before balancing your chakras. Here are the steps to Self Healing:

In life we run into a lot of issues that can be from traumatic experiences in this life, or even a past life that is pushing it’s way through into this one. In this article, we’re going to treat it as a current life issue.

We’ve all been there, maybe we had a bad relationship with a loved one, coworker, or a friend, that makes us afraid to reach out. Maybe we’ve suffered some sort of trauma and suffer from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) because of it. These things can really make problems in our daily life. We know we don’t like how it makes us feel, or how it seems that we have to constantly monitor situations in order to not put ourselves back into those situations. It can cause panic attacks and lots of anxiety, even depression. I’m going to help you work on that with step by step instructions that you can do yourself. This in no way replaces things like counseling and therapy, but with these things combined or even on it’s own, you can quickly over come these difficulties that are holding you back from your true potential.

1st Identify the problem. Is there something specific triggering anxiety? What is that trigger? Was there a past event in this life that is causing that trigger?
2nd Imagine wrapping up the event that caused this trigger, in bright white light. You could envision wrapping it in rope, or wrapping it in a cloth. As long as it is white light. White light is very pure and is useful for many things. In this situation, you want to envision that you are wrapping it all the way down to the root of your being. Then very gently, imagine pulling it out. Don’t use a lot of force and energy in doing this, just gently pull it out. If you pull to hard, it can tear and break off. It’s hard to believe that this is a very delicate situation, but you are pulling out something that has rooted into your being. If it does tear off and you did not completely take it out, just bind it again and attempt to remove it again. After removing it, ask your angels in assisting you by taking it to the light where it will be absorbed into the Divine.

Another way is to imagine that it is a balloon on a string that is connected to you. Ask your guides and angels to assist you. Imagine that the balloon is in front of you, and that you are holding scissors that you will use to cut the tie that is holding the balloon to you. Ask your guide or angels to help you cut the line. Once cut, imagine the balloon floating away to the white light.

3rd Clean up after it. If you use the binding method, you will have a gaping hole that is left after removing the binded root. Imagine that white light is poring into the hole, cleaning it and removing any other left over negativity..

If you imagined the balloon, just imagine the line that is still connected to you being cleansed in white light.

When washing it with the white light, ask that all negativity related to this situation, be disconnected and removed from this life and send it to the light.

4th Ask that all positive things that were over looked be planted or reconnected in it’s place. When I use the binding method, I always enjoy envisioning planting a flowering or fruited tree inside the hole. I wash it and water it in white light. If it sprouts flowers or fruit, I know I did the binding correctly. If I use the balloon method, I envision that a new positive balloon be tied to me in the open space, and bathe it in white light.

Always give your spirit guide and angels thanks for assisting you. It is possible to have to do this a few times if you do not notice any changes after a few days or weeks. Sometimes we need to look back over the event, and do emotional healing and disconnecting. After looking at the situation, think to yourself, was it your fault? If not, realize that it wasn’t. Was it a bad choice that you made that hurt yourself and others? Realize why it was a bad choice and acknowledge that you have learned your lesson and will not repeat it and hold true to your word.

Life is a constant ongoing lesson. It is easy to over look the lesson itself if we become, or claim to be a victim of circumstance. Always look at the event from new eyes and try to see it from different perspectives. You’ll feel much better afterwards.

Doing these things can take time, it’s not an instant fix and will not change within minutes. Your brain and soul have to reprocess everything and it could take a few days, or weeks. If you notice no change at all, go back and try it again. You’ll know it’s working when you no longer have the feelings you once did and will find a sense of relief and more positive control on your life.

*If you have to, love and nurture the inner child and let them know it will be okay, just like you would love and nurture an upset child. To do this, imagine all the different phases of your life, from the time you were born, to now, and see them as a group of yourself. Imagine wrapping them in a soft white blanket of light. Tell them and reassure them that it will be okay and that they are loved. Sometimes our fears can come back, and it’s because our inner children are afraid. Go in and simply love on your children. They will very much appreciate it, and you will see your confidence blossom.*

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