Messages from Spirit Guide Michael

“Be not afraid. Do not let fear rule your life. To allow it to do so not only attracts negative things, but it prevents you from living to your full potential”


“Love yourself. No one else will love you like you need to be loved but yourself.”


“Trust yourself. It is like believing in yourself, and yet different. To trust yourself is to be confident in your answer, your judgement, and your time.”


“Listen. Listen to the silence. Listen to the wind. Everything in the Earth has something to say. Everything has a story. Listen to it’s words”

We get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of life, that we’ve got to stop, and look around, and listen. When you listen to the silence, you can hear so much more than you could imagine.


“When going through the awakening process, sometimes you go through some pain. Headaches, ear pressure, and pain around the eyes can be normal when you first start awakening and when you start working. Remember: Slow down. If it hurts, you’re pushing to hard. Let it flow and open like water. Not a rushing wave, but like water gently cascading over your body”

No one likes pain, but our mind and body are changing as it awakens, and it can cause discomfort. Remember it is for a good cause, and the gifts you receive after you awaken are all well worth it.


Remember that everything is a process. Though sometimes we find ourselves just floating along, this to is a process. It is the end goal that makes it all well worth it.

Blessed be!

Featured Image by Phil Koch “Daisy Dream”

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