Generation Healing

GENERATION HEALING is very helpful when it seems like a family has a Dark Cloud hovering over it, or a very unlucky streak. Maybe there’s history of abuse, or addiction. These things can cause many toxic relationships inside the family.

I’m going to use a perfect example of generation trauma. There’s a very loving family that I know and love, who have had their own trauma in the family. I’m using this family in particular as an example because the events are extremely traumatic and historically linked. My friend, whom I consider a sister, was raised kind of secluded from things that typical kids grow up around. She was kept on a short leash because her mother was afraid that she would drink and do things that would negatively impact her life. Fortunately for her, she turned out to be a good person with a collage education and a wonderful parent and great friend. Her mother on the other hand, and some of her siblings, had traumatic experiences as children, that caused them to often drink and suffer from depression. Her mother was able to over come it with treatment and a good attitude. Her grandmother, was found during World War II in a cave hiding from German soldiers, her great uncle disappearing, and believed to become a victim of a concentration camp along with other family members. Though each generation had less traumatic events than the last, there was still that dark cloud that hung over the family, causing depression, broken relationships, and self medicating. Some of these people lost their homes and families due to their drinking and it seemed like the vicious cycle would never end. So what did we do? We did a generation healing. By doing this, the people in the family who had not sought out treatment or had failed treatment many times, had found themselves feeling better, less depressed, and more motivated in making positive life choices. So how was this done? Simple! Just by using these steps:

1st Ask your guides and or angels to disconnect all negativity from all generations in the family. Send this negativity to the Light. It is possible that this could take a few times, as other issues could surface that was being suppressed.

2nd Ask that all positive that has been skipped in these generations, be brought forward and tied in the areas where negativity has been disconnected. Positive events can be overlooked due to all the negative that has happened surrounding the family. It is always easier to look at the dark side of things than it is to look at the positive.

3rd Remove the Dark Cloud from past generations. Send it to the light where it will be absorbed into the Divine. Clean up from all of the negativity. Maybe imagine sweeping away the negativity or washing it in white light. Heal with white light.

Consider it like a “double negative”. There’s the negativity inside the family that needs to be healed, and then, there’s the negativity that hovers over the family. Keep in mind, that people also have to deal with their own issues as well. So even though you may see improvement in others, there could still be some people who though got better, they could still suffer from past trauma that they need to look at to emotionally and spiritually heal from. Talk to them about counseling, and even offer to help them in disconnecting these negative events and mind sets in their life. You must ask the persons permission first, otherwise you will interfere with Free Will and this could gain you negative Karma points.

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