Masculine and Feminine Energies and why they are important

Everyone you come across has certain attributes that might be a little more masculine or a little bit more feminine. Doesn’t matter of you are male or female, straight or not. We all know someone like that. The important thing is to try to have them balanced. It’s okay to lean more one way or … More Masculine and Feminine Energies and why they are important

Generation Healing

GENERATION HEALING is very helpful when it seems like a family has a Dark Cloud hovering over it, or a very unlucky streak. Maybe there’s history of abuse, or addiction. These things can cause many toxic relationships inside the family. I’m going to use a perfect example of generation trauma. There’s a very loving family … More Generation Healing

Self Healing

SELF HEALING is a healing that can be done before balancing your chakras. Here are the steps to Self Healing: In life we run into a lot of issues that can be from traumatic experiences in this life, or even a past life that is pushing it’s way through into this one. In this article, … More Self Healing