Some important life lessons

I have been waiting for a long while for things in my life to start changing in a drastic way in the direction that I wanted it to go. A lot of the time, this can be very difficult because to often we live on the other side of fear. I had to really look inside myself to understand what it was that I was afraid of, and remember the important life lessons that I had learned along my journey, to fully understand and appreciate just how truly far I have really come. My guide, Ray of Light, took me to the Akashic Records to remember these life lessons that I had worked on so many years ago. Of course, I was only allowed to look at the lessons that I had learned in my book, and not look at the book in it’s full glory as I am not yet ready to do so, according to my Guide. Though first, I really needed to be able to let go of what I wanted, and let the everything go and everything flow, to really quiet my mind and hear what it was that I needed to hear that I had known all along.

I had finally succeeded in quieting my mind enough to get my last three of my five life lessons that I have learned that I need to remember in order move forward into my new phase in life. They literally seem like a no brainer. Duh, everyone knows these lessons are important! Self worth, self love, determination, patience and forgiveness. But anyone who’s actually had to sit down and work through their issues know, these are the most difficult lessons to learn in order to fully love yourself.

From my guide Ray of Light:
Determination is not giving up. It’s pushing through even when things have become stagnant or seem to be not working in your favor. It is staying focused on your goal. Manifesting it into existence, and working towards it. Do not give up, but stay determined and positive that all will be revealed in the right time.



My second life lesson we read was LOVE YOURSELF. The first one was SELF-WORTH.
As told to me by my guide: Love yourself. Who you are, what you are, where you came from. Love all the things, even the most difficult ones, that made you who you are now. The most difficult path, is what made you the strongest, the wisest, the most patient, the most forgiving. It was those tough times that formed you into who you are now. Love them anyway. Without them, you would not be you.



My last life lesson to remember before I move forward, forgiveness. We struggle to forgive on a daily basis. The person who cut us off in the traffic jam, the person who rudely bumped into us without apology. Maybe the boss who added more work onto our load making us even more frazzled and late getting home. There could also be that one major person in our life that committed such a wrong doing towards us, that everything tells us they do not deserve forgiveness. But we do. We need to forgive those who done us wrong. Not to make them feel better, but to make us feel better. By forgiving them in your heart, is cutting the ties of power that continue to let them control every ounce of you. It’s not worth holding on to the anger and hurt. Holding on to it doesn’t make it go away. By telling yourself, I no longer permit you to have control over me, I forgive you from the deepest part of my being, you are freeing yourself from the chains that bind you. The person doesn’t have to know, but by freeing yourself of their control, you will notice positive changes in your attitude. You will no longer be stressed or anxious. You will no longer feel pain. You will no longer feel that heaviness around you.

When forgiving someone, cut the ties that bind you. Ask for assistance from your angel or guide. Send the person and ties to the light. Cleanse yourself in the healing white light, letting it pour over your skin, washing away all the negativity. Remember to say thank you. Better yet, tell the person that you forgave, thank you. Without them, you wouldn’t have learned to find the strength of forgiveness.

You do not have to literally tell the person unless you truly want to, but acknowledging it to the higher power gives you back your power and strength




Sometimes we just need a good reminder and a knock on the head to remind us how far we have truly come. We get so involved in daily life and struggles that sometimes we forget just how strong we really are and how much we have worked to heal ourselves. Never give up and always keep pushing forward. Though life can be very difficult, we find the truth in ourselves that we need in order to heal so that we may in the end help others.

Blessed be everyone!

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