White light bubbles of protection

Bubbles of protection: WHITE LIGHT BUBBLE

A white light bubble can be used at any time. For any reason. It works by blocking out negativity and absorbing negativity and sending it to the light.
These bubbles do not camouflage the person inside, so routinely check to make sure the bubble is still there. Very strong invaders such as demons, negative entities, dark entities and some fairies will try to find a weak spot in the bubble to pop it.
They are good for a quick shield for those who are in large groups who are sensitive to other people’s emotions.

Imagine a bright white light starting in your center, or even the center of your home. See it grow bigger until it surrounds you and your home. Ask for it to stay for a certain time period, or as long as it is able. Make sure to thank the Divine in assisting you.

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