What is a protective bubble?

PROTECTION BUBBLES are very important in keeping out negativity, whether it be emotional vampires, or demons and dark or negative entities that wish to bring you harm.

Protection bubbles can come in different colors, different sizes, and could be see through or mirrors. Your guide will help you decide what it is that you need depending on the situation.

So what do you do if you want to put yourself or someone else in a protective bubble? First cleanse yourself or someone else out with white light. This gets rid of any negativity before making your bubble. Once you have cleansed yourself or someone out, imagine a glowing bubble, either starting in the chest or stomach, growing larger until it completely surrounds the body. You can adjust the size and shape to suit your needs. You can adjust the sides of the bubble to fit closely to the body, almost like a second skin, or away from the body, to give me space to deflect negativity.

Be careful though, because just like any bubble or wall, enough outer pressure, or if there is a weak spot in the wall, the bubble can break. Routinely check to make sure that the bubble is still there by asking your guides or angels.

You can place anything inside a bubble. Your pets, home, vehicles, whatever you wish.

Have a blessed day

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