The importance of your psyche

PSYCHE and it’s importance to understanding and changing your inner mind

In Greek and Roman mythology, Psyche was the wife of Cupid, who was originally sent to shoot Psyche, by his jealous mother Venus, to make Psyche fall in love with a ugly monster. But upon seeing her beauty while she slept, Cupid dropped his arrow and instead stabbed himself, causing him to fall in love with Psyche. Long story short, Psyche, not believing her husband who told her to trust that he was not a monster because she was not aloud to see him during the day, lit a candle, dropping hot wax on him and accidentally stabbing him with a dagger in her shock of his beauty. This caused Cupid to awaken and to fly away and Psyche to lose everything she loved. Psyche then wondered the land trying to find Cupid back and in her desperation went to consult Venus, who demanded that she perform three task. The last task left Psyche in a deathly sleep when Cupid, tired of his mother’s games, found her lying on the ground. Cupid ventured to Jupiter and asked him to talk to Venus to stop her foolish games. Jupiter got Venus to agree, and allowed Cupid to awaken Psyche and bring her to the heavens where Psyche became a goddess and forever lived with Cupid.

Psyche means human soul, spirit or mind, deriving from the Greek word that also meant breath or soul. When we begin our spiritual awakening, we deal a lot with our soul, but psyche is not something that we typically think of. Psyche can be more complex, but not difficult to understand. The psyche houses all of our memories and how we react to the world around us and what we perceive as reality. Sometimes experiences, beliefs, and subconscious patterns (like why do you always keep dating the same type of person that you know is bad for you?), we can create a distorted version of our reality. When we work on healing ourselves, we work on our psyche, changing our reality, and seeing things as they really are. In breaking down these illusions, it can be very hard to process at first things that we once held true to our beliefs. Understanding that these beliefs as being simply illusions, such as fear and hate, you can better understand and handle your shadow self (your shadow self being all things that you dislike about yourself that you find that you project onto others), and your ego.

Imagine your mind like a house. It has different levels. The top level being your attic, your psyche. This is where you store your memories. Sometimes when you are dealing with different emotions such as anger, fear, it is typically because your attic is to full or to messy. Maybe you need to clean up and organize your attic. Maybe you need to go through old boxes or files and remove things, such as traumatic memories or ties to events or people, that no longer benefit you and hold you back from your fullest potential. Having a messy attic can leave you feeling spacey, unable to concentrate and unfocused. You can have a difficult time working on one task at a time and feeling overwhelmed. When this occurs, during meditation, why don’t you check out your attic? Is there a window open? Is there a breeze blowing in that have moved things around creating a mess? Close the window. Having an open window can cause things to come in and out that can disturb your attic and it’s space. Maybe subconsciously you were in your attic looking for something and instead of putting everything back, you left a mess. The things you could have been looking for could be memories and experiences that you are trying to learn from and understand. Maybe even trying to explain them to someone else. Go back and look in your attic. What do you need to do? Do you find junk memories and experiences that you no longer need? An example of a junk memory would be maybe that one time that one kid in middle school really hurt your feelings when they made fun of your shoes that you didn’t like that your mother picked out for you. Disconnect it and throw it out. It’s not helping you in anyway other than for some reason you occasionally seem to bring it up now and then. What about that past love who broke your heart? Did you learn anything important from it like a life lesson that could be used in a future relationship? Good! Now let it go. Disconnect it. Send it to the light where it can be absorbed into positive energy. You don’t need to keep rehashing those feelings. Look for different signs that could show you what you need to work on. Are there toys laying out on the floor? This could mean that there is something from your childhood you are still holding onto that no longer applies to you now, but is still affecting you. Put the toys away and work on that part of your childhood that you need to learn from to grow and move forward. Clean up and organize your attic. By doing this, you not only make it easier to remember things that are important, but you feel better as well. When you start working on yourself, disconnecting things you no longer need and sweeping away of all those junk memories, experiences and beliefs, you stop letting those things hold you back by fear and anger. You get rid of the illusions that keep you from moving forward. When you experience spiritual awakening, and as you continue to grow, you will constantly have to clean and reorganize your attic, because you are constantly changing and getting rid of those illusions.

When you start working on your psyche, you are also working on your house. At first it can be run down and deteriorated looking inside and out. This could be due to low self esteem and beliefs and illusions that you hold onto that are holding you back. Once you start working on your psyche, releasing all the things that negatively effect you, your house changes to. My house use to look like a run down version of the Adam’s Family Mansion. When I started working with my psyche, realizing my fears were holding me back, and working with my shadow self, my run down mansion turned into a beautiful Victorian house with everything I ever wanted. I still have to work on it and take care of it. If you let it go, just like with any other house, it starts looking shabby again.

There’s a lot of up keep in taking care of your soul self, but do not become discouraged. Keep working at it and learn to recognize that the beliefs, patterns and illusions you hold on to, are things that are holding you back from your true potential.

Enjoy your remodeling!

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