Spirit Guides 101

What are Spirit Guides? Just like the title says, they are spirits on the other side who guide us. They cannot protect us like angels can, but they can give us warnings like “WATCH OUT!” and “BE CAREFUL!”. This may not seem like much, but when you suddenly hear someone yelling in your head, you definitely get the point.

Spirit Guides can be animals, people from other planets, and other spirits who were once on this planet. They can be people that we’ve known from past lives, or sometimes this life. Before we are born, we choose who our guides will be to help us on our human journey.

If you are fortunate to be able to “see” your guide, typically a image that you would receive inside your mind, they show themselves to you in the best way that you can learn and understand. Spirit Guides have lived many lives too, and can take on any appearance from one of their life times. If the two of you shared a life together, they can show you themselves from the time that you two were together.

When this happens, it can sometimes be very emotional. The guides are there to help you learn and remember important life lessons about yourself. They can also show you your life while the two of you are together. By doing this, they can show you why you have certain fears in this life, or give you happy memories. Spirit Guides were human once too. They have likes and dislikes, their own sense of humor, and their own stories. Do not be afraid to reach out and learn about your Guide. They are interesting people.

Guides are still learning just as we are learning. They do not know everything, but try to as the both of you work on reaching enlightenment together. I once had a Guide who had never experienced ice cream before. Thought at first it was funny seeing him walk around with a bowl of ice cream wherever he went, always trying different flavors, it was sometimes hard to take him seriously and I had to remind him to put it away.

Spirit Guides receive titles the further alone in enlightenment they reach. The Enlightened One and Ray of Light, are two frequent ones that I have come across. I’ve also noticed that their clothes can change whenever they take on a new title, as well as your own the more you grow spiritually. Certain levels require long white robes, while the Enlightened ones wear silver robes, and Ray of Light are typically seen with light shining around them.

Spirit Guides will also talk to other Spirit Guides. Will attend meetings when called with their “bosses”, and you can receive messages from other peoples Spirit Guides.

This is an amazing experience for all of us who are awake enough to experience it. It is also easy to get blocked and not be able to hear our Guides. Interference could be lack of sleep, stress, demons or other entities, fairies, and so on. Once these interference are removed, you can go back to hearing your Guide.

If you want to hear your guide, the best thing to do is meditation. Meditation puts your brain waves into certain areas where you are more capable of hearing your Guides. Once you are able to do this through meditation, you can easily do it while you are doing other things without having to sit in a quiet area, such as chores or other things. *I made a few post on meditation in earlier post on the page*

You will have many Guides before you reach your “final” Guide. Some Guides you may only have for a few hours depending on how quickly it was for you to learn your lesson. I like to call it “Leveling Up” kind of like in a video game.

I hope you enjoyed this post on Spirit Guides. I hope you all have a blessed day!

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