Pink bubble of protection

Bubbles of Protection: PINK LIGHT BUBBLE

Pink bubbles are used to protect small children who are awake and going through the awakening process. This bubble slows down and quiets the process, allowing the child to grow naturally through the first stages of puberty before being forced to fully awaken.

The bubble, once put in place, stays in place until the child turns 15, which is the preferred calling time for the soul to start development. Though the bubble is put in place, the child is still aware of the difference between our reality, and the other reality.

Place only if the child is showing signs of a spiritual awakening. These things would include unusual sleep patterns, noticing spirits, unusual headaches in the temples or third eye, that cannot be explained by a physician, empathic abilities, and foresight. These are only a few examples.

Ask your guides or angels if it okay to place child inside the bubble. If given permission, imagine a glowing pink light in the child’s center. Allow it to expand until fully surrounding the child. Thank your guides and angels.

Edited note: The soul wakes when it is called, but by using the pink light bubble, you are giving the child a break until they are old enough to understand what is happening.

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