Breaking down walls to hear your guide

Over time in our life, we create unseen walls around ourselves. You know the ones, the ones that keep you from getting hurt, the ones that keep your feelings inside because you are to afraid of wearing your heart on your sleeve. We all have them. Multiples of them. If you want to move onto the path of enlightenment and happiness, you will have to break down these walls. It’s a difficult process for all of us. It’s letting go of everything you have held onto to protect you from the outside world, but it’s holding you back from true happiness and inner peace. Here is a meditation guide to help you break down these walls and clean the “smut” off of you that you have caked on to protect yourself emotionally from the outside world.


  • Prepare yourself for meditation. This can include taking a shower to relax, using sage to clear your space, using your prayer beads to calm yourself. Whatever you feel comfortable with.
  • Now sit down or lay down and get comfortable. Not so comfortable that you fall asleep, but comfortable enough that you can relax your mind.
  • Relax your mind. This is very difficult and can take lots of practice. I suggest using a few practice sessions of meditation, about 10 minutes each for a few days until you can train your brain to relax and stay focused during meditation.
  • Starting with your first wall, envision a pure white liquid light being poured over you, from head to toe. As you envision it being poured over your head, see the built up of dirt being washed away until you can see the “clean” you. This can be very empowering and can help you feel a sense of being lighter. This is a process that can take a few sessions so do not get discouraged if you were not able to complete it in one meditation session. *some people even do this envisioning process in the shower because the sensation of the water coming down on them helps the envisioning of the white light pouring over their body*
  • After you have completed your first wall, it is time to break down your other walls. Ask help from your guide or even angels in breaking down these other walls. You can “command” that these other walls be broken down, one by one. Or, you can envision breaking down the wall yourself with a sledge hammer, your own mental brute strength, or with the help of your guide or angel
  • Once you have completed in breaking down your walls, ask that you are cleansed in the white light. This would be the same one that you did with the first wall. Ask that all negativity be washed away and be replaced with positive and happy feelings. Thank your guide and angels
  • Periodically do this to cleanse yourself. Over time these walls build back up without our knowing. It’s always good to be sure they are removed in order to stay connected with your guides and angel and to help yourself and others.

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