A Message from Spirit Guide Marcus

In the beginning, things were chaos. The mountains were made and oceans created. God created the Heavens and Hell during this time. They were called by different names then. There were multiple planets and star systems created as well. Star children were born from these places. Once born, they were given to mothers to raise them and show them love. They were left to learn their own wants and desires. Nothing was pushed on them, but they were educated in language and understanding. When they came of age, they would be given gifts that would help the people of the worlds. Once gifted, they would pack and be sent on their way to teach and protect the people who were still coming into their own. The thing about Earth was it was planned to be a world of peace, but when planets started to be destroyed, it was obvious that someone would have to protect it. That is why there are so many people who have a difficult time understanding war. Even those born in such countries do not understand it. It is because it is against human nature. When people set out to destroy other people, this is because of the dark, demon side. This is who we have to fight. Not to eliminate, but to slow down, push back, and gain control over. Because you see, without the dark, there cannot be light. Without sorrow, there cannot be love, and without negative, there cannot be positive. Humans depend on this to learn and understand. To teach others from which they can rise above, with our help. This is our job as light workers and star children. It is a process. You have those who seek out and awaken the doers and go getters, that become the fighters of humanity.

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